iHoment Photo Frame
    How to start?
Plug in power, and press the start button until it open.
    How to setup?
When it opens, download mobile app or use device to register, log in, then it is ready to use.
    What kind of phone model does it compatible and where to download mobile app?
The ihoment mobile APP is compatible with iOS 7.0 or later for iPhone and Android 4.1 or later. iSO user can download mobile app by searching “ihoment” at Apple App Store. Android user can go to ihoment website (www.ihoment.com/app) to download apk file and setup.
    What is the requirement for Internet?
There is no particular requirement for WIFI. Normal Internet can be used. Ihoment can self-adjust according to the network speed. When the network connection is poor, ihoment can adjust the video quality automatically.
    How to adjust the volume when using the device?
No matter it is the ihoment or mobile app, you can always swipe screen up and down to adjust volume.
    What is one button off the video?
It is the side button of ihoment. When you press the “Off” button, the camera is disabled and you can’t be seen or called and baby cry function is also end.
    Why there is a black screen when I have video chat and I can’t be heard?
It is because you are not authorized ihoment to use your camera or microphone when you setup ihoment device. IPhone users need to go to “Setting-Privacy-Camera/Microphone” to authorize. There are some differences of system setting for Android users depend on different brands of phone. For example, Samsung users can go to “Setting- Applications” to authorize ihoment in the authorization page.
    Why there comes some noisy voice when I have video or audio chat?
If ihoment device and mobile phone are in the same room when they are connection, there will be some noisy voice, and this noise will have bad interference on users.
    Why some parts of the image are not clear when use mobile app to watch video?
Use paper to clean ihoment camera lens and try to keep it clean.
    Why ihoment device can’t find WIFI signal at home?
ihoment supports 2.4 G WiFi under 802.11 b/g/n protocol. And make sure ihoment device is within the coverage area of WiFi.
    What if ihoment device can’t connect to Internet?
Make sure your home WiFi works well. Maybe your network service has been expired, or your router is unstable and need to be restarted.
    How to connect to traditional camera?
Cameras that within the network are shown in the camera list, choose anyone you like to connect. If you can’t find the camera in the list, you can also manually input the name and address of the camera.
    What types of files can be supported by ihoment?
Images and Videos
    Why my storage devices can be recognized by ihoment?
Ihoment can support SD and USB device. The maximum expanded storage is 64G. If your device is qualified, make sure that your device is not broken.
    How to use voice recognition?
You can use your amazon account to log in on ihoment device to authorize Alexa to control ihoment, at the same time, you can also use ihoment voice recognition function to control device.
    Where can I buy on-line?
You can buy ihoment on Amazon. The link is: www.amazon.com